How to Lose Body Fat by Changing What You Eat

Do Exercise

Losing body fat is not only challenging but an impossible task for few people. Most of them cannot keep up with their exercise routines and fall behind their weight loss resolutions. Depriving of tasty foods and heavy workouts is not the answer to the reduction of body fat. Make small tweaks to your daily diet and lifestyle to achieve lasting results. Make a small but a potential and permanent diet change towards reducing body fat. Let us see how small diet changes affect your body

Do Exercise

Reduce sugar intake

Cutting down sodas and bottled juice is a small step towards reducing the belly fat. Keep a food log to check the number of empty calories you eat like chips and biscuits and reduce their consumption to the bare minimum. Replace those healthier choices like eggs and nuts. Go old school when it comes to coffee or tea. Brew it at home and cut down the quantity of milk and sugar added to it. The fancier coffee versions available in stores have 4 times more amount of calories than the regular ones. Make the switch today and reduce sugar intake gradually.

Eat fruits

Fruits are essentially high in fiber and nutrients. They are better alternatives to their juice counterparts. Find a chance to skip juices and eat the whole fruit instead. Whole fruits keep the stomach satisfied for longer duration and reduce intermittent hunger pangs. The reason behind it is simple; when you eat a fruit, saliva is generated and the brain sends a signal to stomach to be ready for digestion, whereas this process does not happen when you fill up on the juice.

Take time to chew

Gobbling up food very fast is bad for the healthy diet. When you eat food, take time to smell, taste it and chew it slowly. This process gives time for the brain to process the quantity of food you are eating and signals when the stomach is full.

Healthy breakfast

You might have heard it enough number of times and it is true that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eat filling breakfasts which keep you satiated for the whole morning. Scrambled eggs with cheese or some leafy green with a small dose of olive oil is a hearty and filling breakfast. Alternate it with whole grain bread or oatmeal with fruits. Never skip breakfast and make it a habit to eat at least few nuts with a glass of low-fat milk.

Lunch and dinner

For low-fat based diet, opt for lean proteins and combine them with vegetables to fill the stomach. Making fish part of your diet also helps in fat loss. The omega 3 rich fatty acids present in fish helps in reducing belly fat. Choose low-fat snacks to moderate the calorie intake. Try fruits or vegetables with a spoon of hummus as a snack. Spread your diet into 6 small meals instead of 3 large ones to keep hunger in check. Eat foods rich in omega 3fatty acids like salmon, walnuts, hemp and chia seeds which help in lipolysis (fat burning).

Vegetable soups and meat broth soups help to reduce the appetite before meals. Soups help in fat loss by reducing the calorie intake and increasing the fluid intake. The lean cuts of beef, pork, chicken, and tuna or eggs have rich amino acids required to develop muscles. For those who are easily bloated due to dairy intake or sodium intake binge on bananas, avocados or figs to reduce it. The important thing while trying a fat loss diet is to relax and stay on track. Eating cheat meal once a week is not bad if you maintain consistency in following the good diet.